Our Florida


Welcome to our website jumwillig.de!

It's been more than 12 years that we put out the 1st Version of our private website. There were several reasons for doing so.

In short you may say

"A website was and is the perfect way to let our friends and family be part of our life and our trips."

These are the topics we would like to show you:

Maria has been exploring her artistic talent for a long time already. She is working on various thing like paintings, modifying clothes, creating jewellery or working on murals and painting condrete ornaments.

Both of us were having problems with joints and bones. Maria retired because of health issues in May 2006. That's why we started looking around for a location to stay during the cold, damp and dark winter months.

Our choice was Florida. In March 2008 we took advantage of the crash on the real estate market and bought a single family home in Cape Coral, in Florida's southwest (see "Our house in Florida").

Photobooks are a great invention but you'll find they are pretty heavy when you have to carry around several of them. Furthermore we haven't them available at a lot of times when we'd like to tell of our trips. Please be aware that most of the slideshows consist of screenprints of the original photobooks.Therefore most of the comments are German.

And there are not many who are able to understand our passion for teddies and other bears.

We are improving our website permanently.
Please feel free to check from time to time for changes!