A wondrous multiplication of teddy bears

Wenn we met in the middle of the 90's we only had a small number of "beary" housemates.

It all started with our trip to Florida with Maria's Mum. In St. Augustine, FL, we got lost and found ourselves in a toy and teddy bear shop. Juergen fell in love instantly with a beany bear named KENSINGTON who was a very cuddly (but also a bit naughty) RUSS bear. Maria took a bit longer to get "infected by the bear virus". When she moved to Limburg she brought about 3 to 4 bears and a few plush toys of her childhood.

But after that trip to Florida the bears at home started to multiply at a tearing pace. Looking back we do not know if it was because of their regular meals or "Bear Mama's and Bear papa's" love of them.

The "beary companions" followed Maria everywhere: whether it was the teddy on her desk beside the phone, the bear on a chair beside des trainer's desk during trainings had to be there, and even during her farewell party in 2006 on the roof-deck they were there though the manageing directors were part, too.

As Maria sold her sister's baby carriages which were not needed anymore on ebay some teddy bears had to test how comfy they were.

And travelling without our teddies was unimaginable for us. Depending on the number and each one's size there was always a lot of discussion (with the bears) who would travel inside the suitcase.

But like a lot of kids the teddies loved it when we took photos or Maria painted pictures of them.


... on tour

... at home

... are always hungry

... in works of art

... as models